Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ahh Mid Exam Madness - Yes I'm stills alives!!

Well its nearly the end of the year - Madness, utter and complete madness!! I have been up to my neck in work for my industrial project. A few weeks ago I had an official presentation for it - it went well likewise did the demonstration of my hardware that I designed and built!! All things said and done my project went extremely well and was worth the all absorbing effort I put into it!

I had my birthday on the 6th (Happy birthday me :), thanks to those of you who text me!! I got this awesome camo gillie suit from my friends, he he they know me very well :) Thanks guys!

I am currently a few hours away from sitting my second of three major exams, needless to say it will be long, difficult and probably all the stuff I've studied will be in there - only if I can't remember it though!!

A month back I got this letter in the mail, it was awesome - I'll have to write it out for you guys sometime.

Anyway this was just a short note to say that its busy for me - but I am truely blessed with wonderful friends, a fantastic job and a beautiful family (what more could you want?)

Till next hurried post,

PS: Whats up with the Facebook plague? I've been infected (but am currently very disgruntled with their stupid IQ Test - don't take the test when you are tired and supposed to be studying)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dont Sue me :-)

Alrighty, facing threats of being sued, I am posting what in the world I've been up to!!

First off its been a mission regarding my industrial project, crazy stuff, I've finally got a little light sensor to measure what its supposed to and display the data on an LCD, there is some geeky programming involved but its fun to see it working!!

I've just recently started up Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, its been really physical and something that I've wanted to do for awhile. It has been a blast, I need the excercise anyway and between that and rock climbing I think I should at least gain some flexibility and strength. Its good to know that with a bit of technique you can take on someone who is bigger in size than you.

Last night I was helping lead the Youth Group at my local church, we did this violent game where we all scramble around in the dark looking for parts to a flashlight and try to put it together and turn it on before this one person goes around killing everyone!! It was funny, as there were some dramatic 'deaths', but sadly the villian won every game, as the pieces of the torch were too hard to find and all the victims didn't want to work together!!

On Wednesday night I had the last Navigators LifeNet on uni campus, they a group dedicated to helping people on their faith journey. It was really good in that we had heaps of good discussion, and came out with a few questions! It was just the last one before the holidays, although in saying that I'll be working on my industrial project over the holidays!!

Now I'm off to do some more work, connecting some wires up and getting a solar test on its way, probably some more programming involved somewhere in there too!! Thanks for the comments guys! These days I need all the encouragement I can get. I think that is why I hold my friends so close and am sensitive to what they say and do. I just hope I can act in a way that is befiting of someone who has been given much!

Till some appointed time,

Monday, July 16, 2007

WAY OVERDUE! (In many ways)

Hi guys, sorry I don't blame anyone if they aren't reading this ...... don't ask how that works! Anyhow I need to just say that things have been going well for me, and also not so well. Well in that I got marks back for some exam papers and I passed. Not so well in that I seem to hurt those closest to me :( I am under a large amount of stress to get my fourth year industrial project worked on. And I think that the stress doesn't help in anyway at all. I also have a conference paper submission to get ready by the 27, less than 10 days away, and I need results from tests that haven't even eventuated yet!! Yikes. The only things keeping me in this stupid game are my awesome friends and family. Yet its these precious people I often relate to in the poorest manner. I am so sorry guys, wish I was different sometimes.

I've got a trip planned, well okay its really only five days away freeloading on some friends down in the south Island, but it will be fun never the less. I really do need the break from my project and uni, as I have just finished my 'holidays' which consisted of three weeks working on my project! Plus its going to incorporate the campus group I belong to called Life Net, part of the Navigators. Really good bunch of guys and girls, dedicated to relating scripture to ones everyday relationship with God and the everyday relationships of people around us. Anyway Its gonna rock and will hopefully be a time of encouragement and restoration, both of which I need right now. Actually looking around me, we all need it - we have a world that wears us down every and any chance it gets. Take a moment and look at those in the room with you, on the bus, train etc and just imagine where they are at and the trials they are facing, sadest thing is we are all in same predicament. Some have hope. If you are one, share it! If you aren't one, find it!

God waits,

Bye for now,

Friday, May 11, 2007

Yup, true that!

Yes it is friday, the last stand of the working week. I'm at work all day today, will be working on my 4th year industrial project, for those of you who have just joined us, I'm studying to become an Engineer, an Electrical Engineer, one specialising in Telecommunications or Wireless devices.

I hope to make good on a few of those things listed on Monday, still want to call Tim, sort out a seperate project.

Will be drawing up Schematics and PCB's, hopefully ordering some solar panels, and then also basking in the glory that is Pie-day Friday!!! YEEHHAAAA! This is where we all pitch in some monies and get a nice feed of pizza or some other such western delicacy.

Nothing is free, least of all life, its the most expensive thing you own, the most expensive thing you share, and the most expensive thing you can give! Choose wisely this day what you do with it!



PS: A crazy Pic of the Domain!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

What is there to say?

Check out the post I accidentally put on Kiwi Pics, link at the right there! Sorry.

David :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


THIS IS A TEST POST, just to prove that my IQ isn't so low that I couldn't figure out the stupid, stupid Google change over!!! I seriously have battled to just post comments on peoples sites, even down to using computers that wouldn't let me post anonymously!!!

I'm sitting at a computer, I've finally logged myself in (and its let me). I'm exhausted, its my final year of uni (essentially) and I've been working on the usual papers plus a full year industrial project. It's been great, only my body's telling me the opposite!

I am going to post a bunch of pics when I have time, of birthdays, dune sliding events, morning sunrises, and hopefully some good scenic shots, but we'll just see if there is time for all that!!
First Pic is of Brent Jumpin off a Wharf, when he really shouldn't have!!

Next is a shot of duning experience we had, lots of fun, only our custom boards we built stank!!

Next is a shot of us going on a Grade 5 rafting trip, loads of fun, highly recommend anyone who can swim to do it!
Next is a sunrise from the same rafting trip, we stayed down the line! (Further South)

Take care Guys, don't do anything I wouldn't do:)

PS: This post is dedicated to Neo, whom visited my site and commented, I tried (many times) to comment on his site. Now that I can log in, I'm gonna go over and say Hi :) Cheers Neo, hope things are better than they were bro!!

PPS: Annie, hope this quells your wanting to rip me from your list of blogging friends!!?


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Taken for Granted.

Well I am sitting at work, way before I offically clock in, so I thought that should post something. This post has more of a sombre feel to it, no pun intended in the title (for those that know me).

Isn't it strange how the most valuable things you have, are not things! Stranger yet is the more valuable a friendship or relationship is, the more likely it will be taken for granted and not given the true value it holds. I feel as one who has taken an awesome friendship for granted, worst yet I feel as one who is losing that friendship (only through fault of my own). These truely have been hard days for me, not for financial situation nor anything else but simply because of hurt that only time and the Grace of God can cover.

I want to say this to whomever is reading, Great value is found in good friends, if they are good they will stand beside you no matter what, no matter what - if you look to your side and someone is there Dont take them for granted for what an awesome gift of blessing they are.

Take care out there in a world that has everything under the sun.